A modular, staff-free automatic bar

What is AutoBar?

AutoBar is a company offering the first self-serve bar system in UK. It allows businesses and event organizers to set up an easy-to-use bar, that will serve any choice of drinks without the need for the staff.

They offer purchasing and rental models to best suit the needs of their customers.

What did we do?

As a just starting business, AutoBar needed a brand new online presence. We decided on a single-page website, that would focus mostly on the mobile experience, but not exclude desktop.

AutoBar Logos

As the AutoBar already had a logo, we decided to use the same colour palette for the brand design. We've created a logotype for the social media and the site icon, using first two letters of each word making up the name.

AutoBar Social Image

Apart from the website, we've also created an e-mail marketing campaign to be sent out to the potential customers, as well as a letterhead and other small design elements.

We've launched the site in our own infrastructure, to provide the best experience for both the customer and people visiting the site.

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