Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Here's a quick summary on how we process data.

What data do we collect?

When using any of our services we collect data which allows us to improve our services. This includes information about your browser and operating system, your IP address, times you've accessed our services and what pages you visited.

For some services we might collect personal information. We consider any information which would allow to identify you as a person a personal information.

How do we use collected data?

If not specified otherwise, we will only use collected data to perform statistical analysis and it will not be associated with any of your personal details.

If the service stores personal information, those will never be shared with any unauthorised third party. An example of authorised third parties will be payment processors, like PayPal.

Your IP address and associated details are collected for security purposes to identify attacks and spam. If your IP address will be identified as one performing any of those actions, further access to the services will be denied for that address.

Cookies and local storage

Cookies are tiny text files stored in your browser internal memory. Local storage is a special storage in your browser, that allows to store more information than cookies.

We use the above techniques to identify your sessions, store your preferences and cache resources, so you can enjoy faster and personalised services.


We use tracking software, which is used for internal statistics. We use those statistics to improve our services. Some of our customers' sites are also using this tracking software for similar purposes.

The tracking software doesn't collect any personal information. It doesn't use cookies, but rather generates a unique hash for your browser, which changes daily.

The information collected by the tracking software include: page URL (to know which pages our users visit), referrer page (to know which sites link to us), browser name and version (ex. Chrome 86, the rest of the user agent is discarded), operating system (ex. Windows 11, anything else is discarded), device type (desktop/laptop/mobile - detected via window width, but the actual value is discarded), country (based on IP address, country is saved, IP is discarded).

Third Parties

We use third party services, which can collect information about you. This privacy policy does not apply to the third party services. When possible we will review third party privacy policy regularly to protect your data as much as we can.

If a service collects user data, then when possible, we will prefer an in-house service over third-party.

List of Third Parties

Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising
capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Microsoft Privacy Statement