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Public transport live, right at your fingertips.

Where is that bus?!

Morning rush hours, you're waiting for the bus to get to work or school. According to the timetable it should have been here two minutes ago, but it's probably stuck in the queue. "When will it get here" – you think.


There's an app for that...

DHKM will use your phone's GPS and nearby towers to check your location to precisely find the bus stop you are at (or are nearby) and will show you live departure data.

It's all updated in real time - you always know when your bus will be there. Traffic jams, accidents, road works and all the other stuff - no longer an issue!

A smart solution for a smart city.



For providing the best quality and the best experience, DHKM sends some data, that are stored on our servers or our partners' servers. We collect them in a couple of ways:

user-provided information

data entered in forms, search, comments, reviews, etc.;

data generated by service usage

phone information (model, OS version, unique anonymous client ID, mobile network information), HTTP protocol information (IP, cookies), device location, error reports.

We gather this data for statistics, service improvements, creating new and improving existing services. We also use this data to personalize in-service experience.

We do not share any gathered information for an external usage. We promise to do everything we can to protect any collected information.

Our general privacy policy also applies.

Warning! App uses your internet connection. Your internet provider may charge you for internet usage. Please make sure you have internet package or sufficient funds.

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